What to ask a vendor

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What to ask a vendor

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Try and find out as much as you can about the sale and the Vendors reasons for moving. Remember to be polite particularly about their taste and interior décor. The main things you need to know should include:

1. How long have they lived there?

2. What are the neighbours/area like?

3. Has the property, or neighbouring properties, ever been burgled?

4. What is the parking situation like?

5. What fixtures and fittings are included in the sale?

6.Why are they moving?

7.How long has the property been on the market?

8. Are they part of a chain? How large is it? Have they found a place to move? What is their expectations on the timeframe for exchange and completion?

9.How many viewers have been to see the property? Have any made offers?

10. Have they had any work carried out on the property?

11. Are there any structural problems that they know of?

12. What are their utility bills like?

13. What level of Service Charges, Ground Rent and Council Tax are due annually?

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