Before beginning the process of letting your property, there are a few small things to consider. A first impression can only be created once, thus it is very important that your property looks its best, during viewings.

The exterior provides prospective tenants with their first impression and here are a few points that may help in finding a new tenant:

  • Make sure the house number can be seen.
  • Keep rubbish bins out of sight.
  • Tidy up the front and back gardens/balconies etc.
  • Try to repair any cracks or holes in the driveway or walls.

Keeping the interior in good order is also key. Here are a few further points that may help when in finding a new tenant:

  • Clean the property thoroughly throughout.
  • Get rid of any unpleasant odours, incl. cigarette smoke.
  • Decorate rooms if they look tired.
  • Create the feeling of space by moving and or removing any unnecessary items of furniture into storage and any other objects that may create clutter.
  • Fix taps, cracks in the walls, replace broken tiles, replace light bulbs and insure everything in the property is in good working order.

Considering some or all of the above first before marketing your property ‘To Let’ should assist with a smooth and successful campaign . Blueprint’s trained and experienced staff can assist in recommending suitable actions to take upon an initial meeting.