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Choosing the right estate agent is imperative in ensuring that you get the right price for your property. With so many estate agents around it can be difficult in deciding who to choose. Here are some tips to help you choose us.


There are certain agents that will give you a high valuation figure, but actually achieving it is another matter! Decide if the figure is based on recent prices achieved, experience and knowledge of the area, or whether you’re being told what you want to hear. If you’re unsure, ask to see comparisons of previous sales in the area that have been passed by a mortgage surveyor. You can also check house prices sold in your area on a host of different web-sites including and


Negotiating a low fee with an agent may prove to be a false economy, because it won’t necessarily generate the high levels of enthusiasm needed to get the best result. Remember, estate agents work for money, so why not create an incentive to benefit both parties? Here at Blueprint we are open to a scaled commission structure. Remember we do not get paid a penny unless we see your property through to a legal exchange.


Be careful when instructing an agent. Read the contract carefully, as you may find yourself signed up and legally bound for a long period of time. If this is the case, in the event of poor service, you will not be able to go elsewhere, unless of course you’re prepared to fork out two fees. If you’re not, insist on a time period of your choice. At Blueprint we do not believe in tying clients into long contracts. Our standard contract requires 3 weeks’ notice from any point of the contract’s start date. We rely on our customer service and weekly up-dates to ensure either selling your property quickly or building a relationship and working with you to achieve the end result.