Tenant Fees
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Before you move in:

  • Application Deposit
    1 Week’s Rent – This is required to submit your offer to the landlord. Once your tenancy is accepted it can be used to either be applied to your outstanding monies owed or refunded back to you after you have paid everything for your tenancy.

Once Your Application Has Been Accepted:

  • Security Deposit
    5 Weeks rent – Refundable once you leave (Subject to any agreed deductions)
  • Rent
    You should pay 1 month’s rent in advance

After You Have Moved In:

  • Changes to your tenancy (Per Change)
  • Any amendment or change you request to your tenancy agreement will be charged at £50 (Inc. VAT) – Example: Change of tenant or requesting a pet Other charges
  • Early termination of tenancy
  • Default fees in relation to late payment of rent
  • Changing of locks, lost keys and all security devices like fobs
  • Utilities as described under the tenancy agreement