Finding a Property

Over the past 10 years, the internet has become a very popular method of searching for property to purchase. Websites such as , , and can provide you with valuable information on hundreds of property sites including details such as built up area, rates and location. As well as online searching, it is advisable to register with a local estate agent(s) in your area(s) of interest to ensure that you don’t miss out on the new properties that come onto the market that may not even make it onto the website! At Blueprint we use innovative computer technology which allows us to Email and MMS our client database within seconds of a new property of interest coming onto the market.

We also operate Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. Facebook enables us to disseminate information via status updates and posted links regarding new properties. Facebook’s photo sharing function also allows us to post images of individual properties, enabling viewers to get a better idea of the house or unit than they would otherwise have had from the two or three photos available in the press or from online advertising. Twitter profiles are used to publicise new properties with links provided to either the online listing, or back to a Facebook page or other online photo album containing further information.


Home Finding Companies

Companies such as BDI are available to help you find a property. There is a cost for this service, so it is important to check out the level of service (s) offered and their charges.

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